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Dr. Miko Yokoi

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Dr. Miko Yokoi

Dr. Miko Yokoi’s adventurous spirit is evident in the ways she spends her free time — scuba diving, snowshoeing, camping, and cycling — and in the ways she pursued her optometry education. Dr. Yokoi began her education at Colby College in Maine, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry-Biochemistry. She earned her Doctor of Optometry at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, before spending a year doing clinical rotation across the United States. From Boston to a VA Medical Center in Vermont, from an Indian Health Services hospital in Wyoming to the renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Dr. Yokoi was exposed to a diverse range of patients and challenging cases. She completed her education with a residency in vision therapy, rehabilitation, and pediatrics at the Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon.

Dr. Yokoi enjoys working with both English- and Spanish-speaking patients. She loves working with children and has extensive experience in pediatric eye care. After completing a pediatric residency, she assisted for three years with a National Eye Institute preschoolers’ vision study, and she has treated patients as young as 2 weeks old. On the other end of her patient spectrum, Dr. Yokoi is glaucoma certified, enabling her to fully manage patients with the disease.

In practice since 2008, Dr. Yokoi sees her patients’ eye health as a window into their general health. She helps them manage medications and systemic conditions that can affect their eyes through a comprehensive approach to patient care and education. She joined Downtown Vision in 2018, drawn by their long-time patient retention and commitment to excellent care.

Originally from Oxnard, California, Dr. Yokoi loves the recreational opportunities in northern Nevada. She and her partner, Adam, spend their free time exploring, traveling, and enjoying the company of their two pet rabbits, Oyster and Holly.