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Vision Expo West 2019: Our favorite parts!

Vision Expo West 2019: Our favorite parts!
07.10.2019 | News

Last week, our team had the chance to go to Vision Expo West: the premiere exposition for optometry. Everything new in the world of glasses comes through Vision Expo and we have a lot to share! In our latest blog, we asked all our staff members what they found exciting about Vision Expo and what you might expect in the near future in eyewear technology!

For me, Vision Expo was a different experience for the reason that I had never been part of an exposition like this before. I was really amazed with all the different types of machinery, eye wear etc. The booths were part of the convention and they allowed for us to visualize and see the current state of the world of vision. Most importantly, the learning experience was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I had such an amazing time at Vision Expo. I’ve been to conferences like these before but what made Vision Expo stand out was the passion people have for optometry! From the health of our eyes to the accessories we use to see with, everything was beyond what I expected. The atmosphere at the event was like none other. Learning even more about a subject I personally enjoy practicing made me love it even more. My favorite aspect of Vision Expo was the bonding experience we got with our co-workers. Also, the education on things out of my job role helps further my knowledge on other areas of the office. I am already looking forward to attending next year. I love optometry!

My favorite aspect of Vision Expo was bonding with my co-workers! That and the amazing dinner at that Italian place (Battista’s Hole in the Wall, you all should go). Thank you again to Dr. Ogden & Dr Cardona for your generosity and Josh for organizing the trip for the staff!

Dr. Ann Cardona
This year was my first time at Vision Expo in Las Vegas. The Exhibition Hall was expansive. The sheer number of vendors present was incredible, and their new innovative products and diagnostic equipment were equally impressive. However, despite the wondrous exhibit hall, my favorite aspect of these conferences is always the education courses. I love learning. Whether it be staying up-to-date with the current standards of care, new research and data driving the development of new technology and treatments, clinical pearls in disease diagnosis & management, or even helpful business strategies, you are always guaranteed to walk away with a few nuggets of mind-blowing information. Our practice of optometry is ever changing, and we must always strive to expand our knowledge to provide the best patient care possible, even if that means referring to a colleague/specialist better suited to address their needs. Knowledge is truly invaluable, but so is knowing how to apply that knowledge.

Dr. Troy Ogden
2019 was my first time at Vision Expo and it was like Disneyland for Optometrists. Days of uninterrupted fun and entertainment where all of the vendors treated me like the guest of honor. We were able to see and talk to the companies who make our office run and will make our office run better and more efficient. Not only new companies with great products but some of our existing vendors with their new products and product updates. Our goal is to enhance the patient experience and continue our dedication to patients new and existing. Plus I learned that the most common cause of real eye pain is sinusitis. A week on a decongestant (like Allegra-D) is the best treatment and if that doesn’t work then the Optometrist or your Primary Care Physician can order further imaging to rule out more serious problems. Even people who think they don’t have allergies can have sinus issues.

Dr. Miko Yokoi
My favorite aspect of attending Vision Expo West was connecting with the industry to learn more about the latest innovations in eye care. While new treatments and products are advertised in professional journals and research articles, I value face-to-face learning, as well as the opportunity to try things out firsthand. There have been some great advances in dry eye management, and I look forward to implementing new ideas and technologies!