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Frame Selection and Fitting

Frame Selection and Fitting
26.05.2020 | News

We can wax on and on about the importance of having a semi-annual comprehensive eye exam. But really, the best part happens right after the exam wraps up. When your prescription changes or you’re just in the market for a new pair of glasses, you walk out into the lobby and can choose a new pair of frames from the hundreds we have to choose from.

We have a team of talented opticians that not only have impeccable tastes in finding the right frames for you but also have the skills to make your glasses fit properly. Today, step behind the curtain and learn a few tips and tricks we use to find and fit the frames of your dreams.

Choosing Frames

The first step is the most obvious: find frames you like. We have hundreds of frames to choose, all from different brands you know and love, and perhaps something new from a brand you don’t know yet. Our team of opticians is here to help you pick and choose the frames you want to try on, and can even provide input on what complements your style and your facial shape. Of course, you always have the final say in what you want. If you want those gold wireframes or horn-rimmed frames, then you get those frames and don’t look back! But if you’re open to trying something new, we’ve got your back.

When we help choose frames, there’s a couple of things we like to keep in mind to ensure they look good:

  • Face Shape - Every face is unique. Frames should reflect that uniqueness. Different facial shapes can be complemented with different frame shapes. For example, if you have a round face, angular or rectangular frames can help make your face appear thinner and longer. Meanwhile, if you have a longer or more angular face (like a diamond or square shape), oval frames or frames that follow your brow line can help define your face.

  • Eyebrows - Speaking of brow lines, paying attention to your eyebrows matters! Your eyebrows help define how your face looks. When you’re looking for glasses, they should follow the natural shape of your brows. As fashion designer Tom Davies once put it, “The brow line defines almost every part of your face. It is a key feature on your face, as the brow line ultimately follows your hairline as well and a lot of people end up shaping their hair subconsciously based on their brown line.”

  • Fashion Trends - Always consider what’s trendy. Think of your frames as you would a good date night outfit. If you can try on frames and see yourself wearing them on a night out on the town, then chances are they’ll look just as good for everyday wear, too. Fashion trends tend to be circular, but they’re always shifting. If you can find a trendy fashion statement, then you can find frames to match. (Quick tip: the 70s style has been making a comeback the past couple of years, so look at aviator frames, wireframes, and colorful lens tints).

Image from InStyle, originally photographed by Peter White/Getty Images and Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.

Lens Options

If you thought offering hundreds of frames to choose from was cool, then just wait! For almost every frame we offer, we also offer a wide variety of lens options. These range from picking out what kind of material you want (like polycarbonate or glass), treatment options like blue-light reflection, anti-glare, and scratch resistance, and tinting options.

Tints are especially cool. Let’s say you find a pair of frames that you think would look even better as sunglasses. We can do that. We supply sunglass lenses and tinting options if you want your sunglasses to feel unique. We offer a variety of color tints like blue, green, pink, yellow, and several more. We even offer transition lenses that shift from pure transparent to shades in seconds and are available in five colors, grey, dark grey, brown, green and blue.

Comfort Above All

Comfort is supreme. No matter what you choose – how trendy it is or how cool it looks – it is nothing without comfort. Regardless of if they’re sunglasses or eyeglasses, you will likely be wearing them for extended periods of time. If you’re wearing glasses that don’t fit properly, you risk feeling discomfort in your face and your eyes will start to feel strained.

The easiest way around this is to simply have them fitted, which is something we do by default. Our talented opticians are more than just style gurus. They’re trained to make sure every pair of glasses we offer can fit properly to every unique face.

We take precise measurements of how frames sit on your face. We start by taking measurements of your pupil distance in relation to the lenses of the glasses. This measurement helps us refine the central focal point for lenses when we shape them. It’s especially important in progressive or multifocal glasses.

We also measure where frames fit on your ears and the bridge of your nose. Your glasses should fit comfortably behind your ears; too long and they’ll slip off easily; too short and your ears will hurt. Making sure they sit properly on the bridge of your nose is important too. While some glasses have the nose bridge built into the shape of the frame, nose bridges with metal arms might need adjustment to sit comfortably without pinching.

Walk Away Happy

When we work our magic, we know you’ll walk away happy and excited for your new glasses. In a combination of masterful measuring and a keen eye for style, we know you’ll love how your glasses feel and look when you pick them up or have them delivered. Every person is unique. We aim to give people glasses that are just as unique and special as they are. Don’t forget to come in at least every six months for an adjustment to keep them tightened, aligned, fitting properly, and looking good.

Header image from Carlos Vaz/Unsplash.