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Eyewear Fashion, Spring 2019: The Bold, The Beautiful, and The Brows

Eyewear Fashion, Spring 2019: The Bold, The Beautiful, and The Brows
09.05.2019 | News

You may have seen this coming. These past few weeks, you’ve seen us show off new frames perfectly in-line for spring fashion trends. Since the weather outside is delightful, it’s high time we go on a deep dive into the latest trends in eyewear for the season to help you look your best.

But before we can find the right frames, there’s two things to consider: face shape, as many of you know, and brow shape, as many of you might not know. Yes, your brows are the key to finding frames perfect for your face. Designer Tom Davies takes bespoke eyewear fashion to the next level by finding frames that complement eyebrows. Davies explains this is because your brows accentuate your facial shape and gives it personality, much like glasses. Instead of having eyebrows visible through the lens or appear to pop out from odd angles, frames should follow the path of your eyebrows. “Try to have the frame track along the line of your brow just slightly cutting through. This helps bring symmetry to the face and symmetry is beauty,” explains Davies.

Now that we have our brows on fleek, we can look at the trends this season for eyewear.

It’s Spring. The world is full of color right now. And as classic as black frames are, colorful frames hold the perfect amount of pop every outfit needs. Allow me to introduce Exhibit A, as in Al Roker. The famed weatherman known for his eccentric style and over-the-top personality is rocking electric blue frames that are going viral for their brilliant color. But he’s not alone. A good pair of brightly colored frames can make you stand out in your friend group.

Photo from Esquire

The buzzword everyone hates, but has to recognize. When bright colors aren’t your thing, you can tone it down and still hit that fresh-meter with pastel, clear, or metallic frames. These frames are as fashion-futuristic as if gets, borrowing notes from retro fashion and turning them upside down with fresh color pallets that embrace Spring feelings without being overly colorful. And they aren’t just for millennials, either. Check out Jeff Goldblum in these clear frames. They add a bit of futuristic flair to his unconventional personality.

Jeff Goldblum's Guide to Finding the Right GlassesSteve Granitz/WireImage, photo from GQ

People have been claiming “retro is in” ever since being retro wasn’t considered retro, but the point remains the same. Especially for Spring and Summer: eclectic shapes and silhouettes from decades past are back in full swing. Though there’s plenty of people set on embodying the early ‘00s and ‘90s, the real retro-winning decade is the ‘70s style right now. Cat-eye,, aviators, even the oversized wireframes every mustachioed uncle owns; are all trendy this year.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

I know we’ve already tackled embracing color frames and millennial brass frames, but let’s appreciate the color pink specifically for a moment. Not only is it a bright, glowing spring color, but it’s perfect for anyone. Not to be cliché, but pink is the new black. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or what your usual style is; pastel pink frames will look good.

Photo by William Malott on Unsplash

Your frames say a lot about you. When people meet you, they’re look at your face first. Eyewear is the focal point for a lot of first impressions. And while there’s a lot of different ways to embrace spring and summer with fashion, there’s nothing quite like a pair of frames to complete the look.