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Downtown Visions’s Fall 2019 Frame Fashion Guide

Downtown Visions’s Fall 2019 Frame Fashion Guide
03.09.2019 | News

The second Starbucks whips out the Pumpkin Spice Latte, fall has begun. No more shall we abide by the Gregorian Calendar. No longer shall we be held hostage by outdated fashion rules that ban wearing white past Labor Day! Begone, September 21st! You are no longer the signifier of autumn! Fall is a season known for warm colors despite the cooler weather (something I’m sure we can all agree we’re ready for here in Reno). Reds, yellows, oranges and browns from the falling trees bring in a type of scenery that makes you want to grab that PSL and a book and breathe in the nice, cool crisp air.

But is it really autumn without having the autumn look? Every season comes with a different taste of style. And while we have a wide selection of frames for everyone and every situation, what kind of eyewear boutique would we be if we didn’t at least sprinkle in some latest-in-fashion magic to recommend what your fall frames should be? We’re getting warm colors and vintage shapes this season, so hold on tight! Here’s the four things to look for in frames this autumn:

Pink, orange, butter yellow, and the bold
Like the colorful leaves that fall every year, bright and warm colors are iconic for the autumn season. Year after year, different shades of reds, oranges, pinks and yellows hit the spotlight, and this year is no different! Meanwhile, pairing these bright, always-perfect fall colors with black and white can make for a bold statement. Take these retro-fitted black and white Kate Spade frames for a spin: New life was breathed into old frames with pink-tinted mirror finish transition lenses, making them perfect for those bright, blustery October afternoons.

Gold metal frames
For our metal-lovers, rock on with gold this fall! Following the warm color trend, gold metal frames can add a certain type of sophistication to your day. Like a really good book on a rainy day, gold frames are timelessly appreciated. Need some inspiration? These frames by John Varvatos ooze charm and will make you shine in the autumn leaves.

Tortoise shells and caramels
If metal and bright colors aren’t quite your thing, look for the more muted and mysterious tortoise frames. A mix of browns, caramels, and more of those warm colors we love so much can combine to make gorgeous frames meant to make your eyes pop with color! We’re fans of MODO’s Brooklyn Made line of frames, like the Ellery.

Image from MODO

That ‘70s Look
Clogs and bell bottoms have made their way back into our Led Zeppelin-loving lives and we couldn’t be happier about it! But the look wouldn’t be complete without chunky, geometric frames and tinted aviators. Ray-Ban’s classic Aviators are perfect for that 1970s rock scene, while Caviar’s Goliath II are perfect for that more sophisticated, Michael Caine-inspired look (and looks great with turtlenecks). And my personal favorite: made by Cutler and Gross of London, these glasses offered on Mr. Porter are inspired by the Kingsman movies. If you want to look like a dapper English spy this autumn, you should check these out.

Image from George’s Journal

Image from Mr. Porter

Looking cool in the cooler months is absolutely doable this year with these fashion trends in mind. Embrace the vintage vibes and warm colors! And if you need help finding that perfect look, come meet with our in-house specialists! They can help you find frames and go over different lens options with you, like transitions, blue-light reflection, tinted and mirrored lenses, and all sorts of things that can make your pair of glasses one-of-a-kind.

Finally, once you’ve found your seasonal look, share it with us! We want to know what you’re wearing this season on Facebook and Instagram. Take a selfie, tag #SightsOnFashion, and be on the fashion front lines. You might even win a gift card for a shopping spree!