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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy While You’re Self Isolating

Have cabin fever yet? While the best thing you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay at home and practice social distancing, it can be a challenge to keep yourself going: be it working from home, having a staycation, or a sick day. Many adapt via spring cleaning, working out from home, or even catching up on shows stacking up in their Netflix or Hulu queue. But between all these things, don’t forget about the health of your eyes!

In Response to Covid-19

At the recommendation of the CDC, the Nevada Optometric Association and the order of Governor Sisolak, Downtown vision will be closed March 19th, 2020 to April 20th, 2020. We will be rescheduling all routine, non-essential appointments for the safety of our staff and our patients. We will still provide eye care for emergencies, on a limited schedule and by appointment only during this time. To help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we ask that you come to your appointment and enter the office alone or with 1 caregiver if needed.

Looking Behind The Curtain – How easy is it to get replacement glasses in the US?

A couple of months ago, Yascha Mounk, a contributing writer for The Atlantic wrote an article criticizing the process of getting eyewear in America versus other parts of the world. The story, published by the author in the publication’s opinions section, detailed his personal struggle to find eyewear after losing his glasses in a rafting mishap. His story highlights the difference in time between needed glasses or contact lenses and receiving them in America versus other countries, such as Peru, where the author recalls being able to tell a clerk their prescription and then get a pair of contact lenses ten minutes later.