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The Truth About Color

For 96% of the world, the world is a vibrant, colorful place. Outside of old black and white movies, our eyes see and recognize roughly 10 million different shades of color. Let that sink in for a second — 10 million. And yet, there’s a very good chance the 10 million colors you see are just a tiny bit different from the 10 million colors your friend sees. How does this work?

Downtown Vision and Sustainability: How we take climate action

We are huge believers in sustainability and we love to share what initiatives we take part in to help make the world a greener place. There are also TONS of sustainable stuff out there in the optometry industry aside from what you read about today. If you’re interested in being more eco-friendly, this is the perfect place to start. Eco by MODO MODO is one of our biggest suppliers of eyewear.

Women's Day

In our last blog, we highlighted presidents who wore glasses not just throughout their time in office but also throughout their lives. But that pales in comparison when you look at all the influential and important women throughout history who wore glasses. Just in time for International Women’s Day, we want to present to you some of the world’s most historic bespectacled women. But first, a history lesson: International Women’s Day was first recognized as National Woman’s Day on February 28, 1909.